It is no secret that in order to be as competitive as possible today in virtually any industry you need to have an online presence. Doin...

5 Tips for Managing Your Business' Social Media Presence

5 Tips for Managing Your Business' Social Media Presence
It is no secret that in order to be as competitive as possible today in virtually any industry you need to have an online presence.

Doing so allows you to spread your brand in a way that has been shown to be not only effective, but inexpensive as well. With that being said, being successful online is not as simple as just setting up a website and a few profiles, and you need to have at least a basic idea of what strategies work.

 Social media is an especially popular way of marketing a business today, and below are a few tips for how to manage your social media profiles in a way that will benefit your business.

1) Be Open to Communication

Being active on social media websites is all about being open to communication. This means that you need to be attentive when it comes to responding to comments posted on your page, and also be ready to reach out to people first when the time is right. Answer any questions that people have for you honestly and respectfully and ask them about their experiences with your business. Because conversations are so public on social media platforms, engaging in them correctly it is a great opportunity for you to show that your business is trustworthy.

2) Share Stories

Stories sell today more than ever before, and it is important that you take the time to share stories from happy customers on your social media profiles. These can be stories and comments that were sent to you that you post yourself, or even the opinions that your customers share on their personal profiles that you choose to share. When people see that others are enjoying your products and services, they are much more likely to want to get involved themselves. This is one of the most effective and easy ways to improve the overall image of your brand and attract new customers.

3) Be Consistent

A lack of consistent posting and interaction is one of the major things that many businesses suffer with as they try to market their services online. For as much as providing insightful and interesting content is important online, remaining consistent is another huge part of being successful. One of the ways that many social media managers stay on top of this issue is by scheduling out their updates in advance, which is a great option. There are several tools that can help you do this.

4) Use A Variety Of Different Mediums

Another great tip for ensuring that your audience on your social media profiles is constantly engaged is to provide them with a wide range of content in varying formats. You can easily post videos, photos and of course, text based updates on these websites. Make sure to switch things up often to keep things interesting.

5) Test To See What Works And What Does Not

Split testing social media updates is something that the vast majority of business owners do not do, but it is one of the most effective ways to improve any social media marketing campaign. A couple of things that you can test to find room for improvements are posting times and types. For example, after doing some testing, you may find that your audience is much more likely to take action after seeing updates in the afternoon than they are in the morning, and that they tend to like photo updates better than ones that are regular text.

These are just a few of the ways that you can better manage your social media presence online and improve the success of your business. Try these things today and see what they can do for you.

About the Author

John is a digital marketing expert from Victoria, Australia. From his serviced offices in Melbourne he helps small to medium sized businesses manage and expand their online presence and wanted to share these tips on social media strategies.

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