It's mysterious how one ordinary blog post (web page) becomes viral in StumbleUpon while a well-crafted one is ignored. Similar fro...

4-Step Strategy to Going Viral on StumbleUpon

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It's mysterious how one ordinary blog post (web page) becomes viral in StumbleUpon while a well-crafted one is ignored. Similar from SEO, learning how it works is gold.

StumbleUpon is like a beautiful island, rich in good natural resources in the blogosphere, once you discovered and explore its gift, the reward will bring you in bliss.

You'll be blown away especially if you found one blog post with four-digit number in its stumble badge. You might ask yourself, "how did this site do that?".

This happened to me.
So, recently, I dig deeper to research and learn this mysterious social bookmarking site.

There's no rocket science to go viral in StumbleUpon, but you just need to know and do the basics, strategically executed :

1. Build a reputable profile account

Same from other social networking sites, your StumbleUpon profile account is an important asset. Although filling-up the details for profile information is often overlooked (or ignored) by a newly signed-up stumbler but this is critical in a StumbleUpon campaign. It's because it signals the site if a stumbler is a real person using the service. In this social bookmarking site, your detailed profile account reflects that you are a reliable web page collector.
Here are few tips to build a better StumbleUpon account:

  • Fill-up the important online information about you
  • Upload your own image as your avatar
  • Include your site URL
  • Invite your friends in Facebook, Twitter and e-mail contacts
  • Connect with the popular stumblers
  • Join few StumbleUpon groups
  • Follow your interested topics to get updated

2. Be an active stumbler

After you build your foundation -- your profile account, next is populate your StumbleUpon blog (yes! they're called in same term) with contents (web pages) of your interest. Keep in mind that StumbleUpon's goal is to let its users to explore and discover the web pages of their interests, so your job as a stumbler is to help filter the best contents (web pages) relevant in your chosen topic.

To be a reliable stumbler, you need to be a good curator. Share more stuffs you like you find around the web than from your own site. If you're the first (or first of the few) who submitted and reviewed a relevant and unique content that attracted significant number of stumbles, then StumbleUpon will look forward for your next submissions, that time, it might be one of your own blog posts.
Here are few tricks and reminders in finding and submitting a link:

  • Observe and see what's popular and upcoming in Digg, Reddit, Alltop and Popurls
  • Avoid to "Thumb Up" too many web pages from same domain
  • Submit from diverse sources
  • Use proper tags when submitting a link, as always
  • Don't be a spammer

3. Encourage your readers to submit your post/s

According to, it's unwritten rule not to submit your own post because it looks like self-promotion. However, there are stories who became viral even they submitted their own work. There's no certain rule from StumbleUpon itself but based from my own experience, my posts that were submitted by others have gained more stumbles and page views than posts that I personally submitted. So, it's better if you'll encourage your readers to submit your posts then check it afterwards if it's properly tagged.

But if you're going to submit your own post, make sure you already filled your profile account with relevant information about you and at the same time, you're active on submitting and reviewing unique and relevant web pages, which like I said above, you need to stumble more from others first, so your own posts can gain better chances to go viral. Remember that you don't need to submit too many web pages from one domain so it's better stumble only your best posts with time margin. In addition, consider these factors on submitting a link:

  • Submit post during peak time (9am-7pm)
  • Use broad tags (i.e., creativity, writing)
  • Consider the type of content. Most stumbled are commonly: funny, lists, quotes, inspiring or posts with large high-quality photos / images

4. Integrate StumbleUpon to your blog

If you still don't have StumbleUpon badge (button), include one below your post's headline and below the content body. This gives your readers the options to bookmark your post before or after she reads it. If you have vertical floating buttons, you can have it there, too.
Moreover, one effective way to increase your post's stumbles is by using, their own URL shortener service. Every time you share or tweet your post's link, the black stumble toolbar is automatically included in your post. At the same time, you can monitor your post's clicks, as well as the number of "thumbs up" and page views.

What about you?

Do you have other tips to add? Is one of your blog posts became viral in StumbleUpon? Or are you enjoying significant numbers of traffic from this social bookmarking site?

I'm excited to read your comments below. By the way, follow me in my StumbleUpon, too.

Do you find this useful, I'll be glad if you'll stumble this post, too.

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