It's no new that there are lots of great cover song artists become viral in YouTube today. As bloggers, you should take advantage t...

10 Blogging Tips To Learn From Viral Cover Song Artist "Karmin"


It's no new that there are lots of great cover song artists become viral in YouTube today.

As bloggers, you should take advantage to learn from these creative artists, especially from who already made millions of  view hits and land a record deal, which you can apply to grow your blog's following and earn loyal fans.

That's why it's worthwhile to listen to them when they tell their best practices when they do the work.

Fortunately, one of the hottest cover song artist of today, Karmin, is generous to grant an interview to share their best tips on creating viral videos.

In case you haven't heard them yet, Karmin is an American pop duo of engaged couple, Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, who popularized today's hit, "Brokenhearted", but they're initially known to their fantastic covers of Chris Brown's "Look at Me Now" and Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" in YouTube, achieving more than 200 million views and counting.

Below is their interview at where they shared their ten golden rules every time they do a cover song video and in addition to that, you'll find ideas on how you can apply these on blogging, too.
Check them out:

1. Cover a relevant song

"Look to the itunes or billboard chart then find things on the top 10 to 20 (songs). Check what's climbing or on its way up or recently on the chart. Look at what everybody is searching for so they might accidentally stumble on your cover on YouTube."
If your goal is create a content that has a good shot to be popular, one of the essential factors to focus on is to know what's hot topic that people are searching for. Be ahead by keeping your radar high on the social networks, bookmarking sites and content aggregator sites. Furthermore, don't forget to do few keyword research and importantly, make your site optimized to the search engines so it has better chances to rank well and attract relevant organic visitors.

2. Change the tempo/part of a song

"If it's a fast song, make it a ballad; If it's a ballad, turn to speed it up; Or you could cut out a part of a song and add your own part."
Give your readers a different experience to consume your content by using other forms like podcast, video, infographic or a slideshare presentation. Play to your other creative skills (i.e. public speaking, graphic designing) and let your content cling to their other senses. The best thing if you put effort on this, is your readers will perceive your content with higher value.

3. Change the song's instrumentation

"If the song is guitar, heavy. . .or lots of sins, you can stripped it down to acoustic guitar or piano line; Try to make it simple."
In writing content, recycle old ideas by using different approach to present it to your audience. If you're going to explain a conventional idea, use simile, analogy and metaphors to captivate their imagination. By this way, your readers will have more fun reading your content, no matter how complex (and boring) your subject matter.

4. Be a purple cow

"Pretend you're in Nebraska, driving through and you see all these cows everywhere. All these cows are exactly the same but you see one that is purple. You'll gonna stop, you'll keep looking on that purple cow."
Being a purple cow, a term coined by Seth Godin, is to be remarkable. Be different. Stand out in your niche by providing value and giving hidden benefits to your specific group of your target audience. One good way to do it is by telling them tantalizing stories with your passionate voice. Most importantly, enchant them by being creative in your craft.

5. Little less talk, add more action in intro

"Our theory is to get straight to the music; Keep it short, you only have a certain amount of time before they click on something else so get right to the song."
Remember that reader's attention is so critical. Hook them by adding interesting images in your post and strong opening paragraph. Tell an intriguing topic sentence that pulls them deeper to read your post. Furthermore, make your content scannable and easy to read by using subheads or bullet points to explain supporting data or information.

6. Obey the first 10 (60) rule

"If you want to do something really exciting, which in the first minute of the song, for the same reason as the last one. . .do something people will get through the rest of the video."
While in blogging standpoint, the first 10 seconds is more important. Analyze your site by knowing how fast is its loading time. Remove any awkward ads that already distracting your visitors to read your post. Try to ask a friend to visit your site and know her user experience, especially the first 10 to 60 seconds in it.
Moreover, to make a visitor glued to your site is to have a sneeze page of your best posts or a tutorial series to welcome them.

7. Have a distinct look

"If you can establish some type of artistic style even if you're covering somebody else's song, it'll give people a sense of you're the own artist."
While in your article a reader can't actually see you, but you can convey your message in your content, clear and personal by the frequent use of the word "you" accompanied with simple and understandable words. In addition, if you're going to discuss a lesson or news from others, publish your own experience about what you've learned or tell the news as if you're talking to your best friend and forget that you have copy and paste function in your keyboard.

8. Check cinematography

"Think of how you want to shoot your cover video, which is important. Think of the quality. . .We want is to have one clear shot, as the whole thing."
So, what's the cinematography in your blog? In relation to #6, this is the user experience while a visitor browsing your site. Check your blog's theme or template, does it fits to your overall message? Does its dominant color reflects to your goal? Are there any unimportant widgets that just slow down your site's loading speed? Evaluate these few things and remove clutters to make it more inviting to visit.

9. Shoot multiple takes and choose the best one

"So for our Look at me now (video), the one that started the madness, we did 4-6 takes. That happened to be the last take, (take 6), there's a lot of takes in the middle and it's hilarious; You'll never know what's gonna be the best."
This applies in writing process, too. You need to write more to become better in writing. Don't stop yourself to take some notes of paragraphs as your rough draft. Put that ideas into words in a sheet of (digital) paper because most of the time, you can use them in your next piece. It could be your subheads or part of the opening paragraph. Try to re-write those notes, make it deeper by adding few details and finally, polish it by proofreading.
You'll never know what will be your best post but you can do something to make it valuable and clearly can communicate to your intended audience. Make every content you publish as if your best one.

10. Be consistent

"Make sure you try to post a cover every week, if you do your first cover and you like it, try to do that every week and your audience will keep coming back and you'll notice that your numbers starting to grow."
Lastly, this one is really important. Once you've created a blog, you should commit yourself to publish content, consistently. Give yourself time to post at least once or twice a week to give life to your blog and attract readers. This is one of the best quality of successful blogs today. They are agile on publishing fresh content that their subscribers love.
Be passionate to create compelling content, as like Karmin said, you'll find your blog's number of fans, followers and subscribers will start to grow.

What about you?

There you have it the ten cover video tips from Karmin that you can apply in your blogging journey.
In conclusion, be remarkably creative and always think how your audience will enjoy visiting your blog and get benefits from your content.
Through this, you'll have a growing number of readers and clients.
Can you add one tip or two to this post? Or do you also have favorite purple cow cover song artists?
Share your thoughts from them by filling up the comment form below. . .

photo by: Lunchbox LP

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