Do you have favorite bloggers? What a silly question. Of course we do. We have own list of bloggers that we're glad to follow and ...

7 Enchanting Filipino Bloggers Worth Following


Do you have favorite bloggers?
What a silly question. Of course we do.

We have own list of bloggers that we're glad to follow and interact in social networking sites and happy reading their blogs. Most of the time, you're delighted for every new posts they publish. There's a feeling that you know them quite some time that's why you like their work so you trust them.

In his marvelous book, Guy Kawasaki use these three meaningful words - know, like, trust - to define "Enchantment". If you're building a social media community, you need to enchant them.

Few months ago, I joined a Filipino blogger group. In my experience, I see some fellow Filipino bloggers that practice enchantment. This trigger me to write this post.
So today, let me share to you my own of list of these bloggers that I know, like and trust.

#1. Sumi Go

First on the list, one of the most prolific Filipina blogger I've known, Sumi Go. This marketing grad is a certified foodie, apparently you'll see exquisite food and restaurant photographs in her The Purple Doll blog. Noticeably active in the blogosphere, she's known for her valuable comments (proofs are in my past posts). Moreover, she's also a fandubber and popular in the cosplay community. I told you she's prolific, right?

#2. Jyppe A. Quidores

One of the most generous Filipino blogger I think. Given that I got few link love in his Creativity Window blog, he also have free downloadable high-resolution images for his readers. Personally, I got enchanted when I have conversation with him. You'll feel like he's your brother.
Aside from blogging, he is a graphic designer and display artist.

#3. Stef dela Cruz

When it comes to starting a conversation, this lady knows how to ignite a discussion. As bloggers, it's important if you want to get notice. I appreciate how Stef naturally speaks her mind in every discussion. In addition, she's also a reliable source of information about new online gigs. Along with blogging, she is also a physician and health writer.

#4. Tess Chancellor

I couldn't imagine if I'll find an engaging group of Filipino bloggers. Big thanks for this woman. Tess is the founder of Filipino Bloggers Worldwide. She's a mommy blogger sharing her life, family and web experiences in her blog. Honestly, I'm amazed how she effectively lead the group. Her leadership is rare and indispensable, given she's a parent at the same time.

#5. Joy Blanca

The first to welcome me to the group, thankful and happy to meet (online) this women. Same from Tess, Joy is one of the administrators and a mommy blogger. She has strong passion in writing, actively updating her four blogs of different topic. In the group, I've known Joy for her long thread of patience but speaks her concerns in relevant issues. In addition, I remember a good chat with her. She gave me a motivational tip about this blogging journey. See her work at Joy's Flair.

#6. Charlie Montemayor

Any blogging question or concern? Give it a try especially if you're a newbie because most of the time, you'll get solution. Charlie is always the first one who's generous to share knowledge and experiences. Based from what I observe, that healthy exchange of ideas and point of view is the pillar of the group's success. Thanks to this guy for that great job. Aside from one of the group's leader, you can check his blogging site, Ask Pinoy Bloggers.

#7. Francis Morilao

Have you met a poetic blogger? I found one and his poems are inspiring, imaginative and sometimes cleverly written, which will make you smile. Francis is the author of "Poems Love Stories", where he shares Filipino stories and anecdotes written in both English and Filipino language. I had to admit, I'm not good in writing poems and his every piece are well crafted.
Likewise, Francis is responsible to the group's remarkable growth. Same from Charlie, you can rely to him if you have blogging questions more especially about technical queries.

How About You?

This is just a partial list of Filipino bloggers that enchant me. As my blogging journey continues, I'm going to add more in my coming posts so make sure you're currently subscribed for updates.

Can you add one to this list?
Who's fellow Filipino blogger that enchant you?
Let's give them recognition in the comments . . .

photo by: katerha

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