photo by:   manilamommy Ely. Raimund. Marcus. Buddy. Back in the 90's, they are collectively known as the Philippines' Fab F...

The Eraserheads Guide to Writing Persuasive Content


the eraserheads
photo by:  manilamommy

Ely. Raimund. Marcus. Buddy.

Back in the 90's, they are collectively known as the Philippines' Fab Four.

They're known as one of the most successful, most influential and critically-acclaimed Filipino rock band in the history of Original Pinoy Music (OPM).

The Eraserheads.

Here in the Philippines, probably you already know that they're responsible for spearheading the second wave of Manila band invasion. They are big influence for most of Filipino alternative rock bands of today.

Even they already disbanded, their songs are still played in radio almost everyday.

Last week, as I watched again their DVD of 2008 Reunion Concert, I dig deeper to their music. Coincidentally, I read that a new tribute album for Eraserheads was released.

I found out that most of the lyrics in their songs have essential elements of an engaging and persuasive content.

So from here, as I wrote this as my own way of giving tribute to them, let's discover and learn these elements from one of the best Filipino rock band ever assembled. . .

1. Use "you" and simple words

Most of Eraserheads' songs are easy to sing, not to mention, they're not to hard to memorize. Although most of their songs are written in native Filipino language, it's no surprise here in our country that even a 5th grader can memorize and word-by-word sing their hits. Aside from its inviting tune, but it's because the lyrics are written in plain simple words. Their audience can immediately relate, sing and understand through these simple words.

Another is their songs are like personal letters. As you listen, you'll observe as if Ely, on vocals, is directly talking to you. Did you find how many times they used the word "you" ("mo" in Filipino) in most of their songs? A lot. This made their hits as if written personally for the listener.


By using simple words and maximizing the use of "you", your content is easier to read and become more engaging. These two are essential elements of an effective persuasive content. Always keep in mind that your reader's attention is too precious. Imagine if you'll use lots of big and complex words, likely, you'll end up confusing her.

In addition, using the word "you" is a great trick to write an engaging content. By this, you make a reader feel that you both are just in a conversation while sitting down at a cafe for a cup of coffee. Think of this way while you write and you'll create a content that as if personally speaks to your readers.

2. Tell a tantalizing story

Aside from their songs are easy to remember and understand most of Eheads' hits are short stories. Few examples of their critically and commercially acclaimed hits are about:
  • a one's nostalgia of fun memories with friends
  • some one's eagerness to learn to drive a car
  • a disappointed teenager's love confession
  • mundane moments of an excited college student to finish the semestral break and see his crush
These stories are perfectly crafted for their collegiate audience in that era. No wonder one of their albums, Cutterpillow got multiple platinum recognition. Not only they're great musicians but because they are master storytellers in their own right.

3. Create imagery in reader's mind

Another thing that makes their songs are truly compelling is because they deliver their song's message by marvelously using metaphor, simile and analogy in its lyrics. They creatively (and cleverly) use visual words that invoke a strong image in the mind of every listener.

Probably, you're familiar of these popular hits that vividly create imagery and feelings when you hear it:
  • "Fruitcake" - a song of fun and celebration.
  • "Lightyears" - a song about yearning and distance.
  • "Alapaap" ("Sky"/"Cloud") - a song about freedom.

If you write about a complex (and boring) topic and you think you'll have hard time to explain an idea, using metaphor, simile and an analogy in your content is a powerful way to stimulate the mind of your reader and keep her interested. The better benefit is it can effectively help you make your idea or message stick to the mind of your audience. Master this skill and you'll find yourself becoming a stronger wordsmith in the blogosphere.

4. Inspire and Touch

Baby you don't have to worry,
Coz' there ain't no need to hurry,
No one ever said that there's an easy way

That are my favorite lines in their song "With a Smile". Moreover, what you'll love in most of their hits is most of them are upbeat and "feel good" songs. One of their hits tell you to simply deal with your fears and you'll overcome them. They remind us not to be afraid to fail but instead to always keep on trying. Chiefly, don't be afraid because You are not alone.

These words may sound cliche but this band remarkably leave a positive mark in the hearts and minds, not only to their fans, but to most of Filipino citizens.


Want to have a place in your reader's heart? Then "touch" them. Move them through your content. Always to make them feel good. You don't have to write inspirational posts all the time (that's still good) but keep in mind to always give them a content that educate, enlighten and entertain them.

Touch them in every post you publish. One post at a time, you know you're sharing them something that matters.

What about you?

Are you an Eraserheads fan, too?
Do you also find other persuasive element in their songs? To other artists?
Glad to hear your thoughts in the comments. . .

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