Have you noticed how I open most of my blog posts?     There's always an image at the start of the post. Aside it grabs attention, m...

How to Find Great Flickr Images in Less Time


Have you noticed how I open most of my blog posts?    
There's always an image at the start of the post. Aside it grabs attention, my goal is to play to your imagination before (and after) you read it. I always find and get these terrific images through Flickr, where millions of interesting photos are posted by amateur and professional photographers.

A Flickr image commonly falls under either on copyrighted (all rights reserved) or creative commons (CC or some rights reserved) license. If you're looking for images that can be use freely, these are under the Flickr Creative Commons license.

You can legally use CC licensed images by giving proper credit or attribution to the owner. However, if you want to modify it (like cropping, resizing) check if it's allowed on its type of customized CC license before you make any changes.

Find the Best Flickr Images that Suits to your Needs

Personally, I don't use the actual image search tool in Flickr. Instead, I use Compfight.com for faster search. It's because Compfight displays more clusters of image thumbnails in a single search without reloading another web page than Flickr do. In addition, what I love about Compfight is you can easily find images according to its license, whether creative commons or commercial, just in one click.

Below, you'll learn the actual way on how to find best Flickr images that suits your needs using Compfight. For this tutorial, we'll look for a Flickr image under Creative Commons:

1. Go to Compfight.com
2. Type your target keyword/s for the image you're searching.
3. At the left side, find the word "Creative Commons".
4. A new cluster of image thumbnails will appear. Click which image that interests you.
5. In your browser, a new tab will open for your chosen Flickr image.
6. To download it, click the light box icon, which is located at the top, left side of the image.
7. Find and click "view all sizes".
8. Select the size of your chosen image. Finally, click the word "Download".

As a reminder, to legally use it for your blog post (or wherever you), always keep in mind to give proper credit or attribution to the owner by linking back to his/her Flickr profile. You can easily find it near the download link. In addition, if the CC licensed Flickr image you choose is under the two types of Sharealike licenses, you also need to give link back to the license page of the image alongside with credits to the owner.

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