One simple way to build traffic for your blog is by commenting to other blogs. Yet it's proven a smart strategy, but some peopl...

7 Smart Tips to Better Blog Commenting


One simple way to build traffic for your blog is by commenting to other blogs.

Yet it's proven a smart strategy, but some people still leave their comments, mindlessly.

On the flip side, instead of making good result, actually it can do more harm for the commenter's brand, if done carelessly.

If you're a beginner blogger, avoid to fall on this trap. Always come to think of it that your comments are your mini resumes because it represent what you are about. Keep in mind, if the visitors of that blog you're commenting read yours, what you want them to perceive to you?

Treat Your Comment as Part of your Content Marketing

Likewise from writing content, your most important goal of your comment is to "provide value". Giving value means you improve some one's life by educating,entertaining, enlightening and empowering way. When it comes to leaving a comment, you're giving relevant feedback about the post. Just imagine that the post is a presentation and the comment section is the Q & A portion. What points you want to clarify? Can you extend the idea? Can you offer some examples? And so on. . .
The point, let yourself shine by adding value to the topic.

To give you idea on what and how to do smart blog commenting, here are few useful tips from Problogger's 31 Days to Build a Better Blog book:

1. Keep your Comment "On Topic"

This one's obvious but still some people don't mind it from some reasons. Writing "on topic" comment represent that you know and you're interested about the subject matter of the post. Through this, you're building a good profile in your niche because you share your expertise and understanding about the topic.

2. Let your Comment show you've Read the Post

Your "on topic", now let that reflect on "how" you write your comment. Show that you've read the post but avoid to sound your comment like a spam (stupid pointless annoying message).
Provide value by bringing one point and looking it at different angle, just like writing content.

3. Add an Example or Point that have Missed

For example, if the article is a list post, try to add one point or two. If you give a good point, It'll be seen in the comment thread, especially those who agree with you. They'll get curious about you so they're attracted to visit your blog.

4. Say what you Like or Don't Like about the Post

If you like the post, express it and don't forget to tell "why". Don't just say "Great. . ." or "Nice post. . ." accompanied with a link, as mentioned, avoid to sound it like a spam. Instead, tell "how" the post affect you. One example is to share your experience how it means to you. Same from if you don't like it. Tell what and why you don't like then support your point with relevant facts, information or answers.

5. Ask a Relevant and Insightful Question

As mentioned, the comment section is like the Q&A portion in a presentation. So asking a good question is definitely acceptable. It means that you've read the post and you're interested to know more about the topic. In some popular sites, they answer their commenter's question through a post (with link love) if they find that many will benefit from it. So asking one is worth a try, actually.

6. Drop a Link Politely

I don't know you but personally I get turn off in comments with link that are unrelated to the topic just for the sake of promoting it to get clicked. Instead, suggest a link that support your point and useful for others who wants to find more about the post's topic.

7. Use a Good Avatar

Maximize the presentation of your comment by using a picture of your smiling face as your avatar. This made easy by having an account in Of course, don't forget your blog's URL that serves as a doorway back to your blog. Here in this blog, I use Disqus comment system. I recommend you to link your site in your Disqus profile so linking is less chore.

Write your Comment to Build Good Relationship

If you treat blog commenting as part of your content marketing strategy, your primary aim should be to build a good relationship to your readers and fellow bloggers. Your comment reflects back to your personality. Show them that you are worthy to know, like and trust. Educate. Enlighten. Entertain them. More importantly, Empower them.
The result is better in the long run.

Leave a comment that counts.

Any question or tips to share, speak your mind in the Q&A portion. . .

photo by: Tim Morgan

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