Want to write an effective blog post? Imagine your content magnetically grabs attention and holds your reader's interest until the ...

5 Essential Factors to Focus On Before You Write a Blog Post


Want to write an effective blog post?

Imagine your content magnetically grabs attention and holds your reader's interest until the ending of the post. They bookmarked it and gain lots of shares through the social media --not to mention, attracts link love from your fellow bloggers.
The best part is, it converts a reader to buy a product you recommend.

There's no secret how one content can be a success. But there are few factors to consider. Thanks to the help of social media, it made marketing easier.

But remember, it's about the message of your content you want to convey. And it all simply starts before you write a single letter in your draft.

Just answer these simple questions. .

What's your Goal?

First, why are you writing this and what you want to accomplish of this post?

 It may sound simple but failing to have a crystal clear goal in mind often leads to half-finished train wreck. Ask yourself, "what's my reason why I'm going to write this post and what I want to accomplish?"

Your goal here must be integrated to your overall objective of why you started your blog in the first place.
For example, in this post, my goal is to provide you, my reader, a compelling content that aims to help you write a better and effective blog post. Through this, I'm attracting you to build a good relationship. At the same time, if you'll find this helpful, I'm looking forward you'll bookmark this so you can use it as future reference.
So what's your goal?
Here are few examples:

  • Be the first to break a news
  • Provide an advice or guidance
  • Share an opinion
  • Provide a how-to tutorial
  • Just to entertain

2. What's the Big Idea?

Now that you know your goal, here you'll apply the plan. This is to know "what" you want to write about. Keep in mind that you need "only one idea" for your post. If you find your research becomes complex, try to trim it into single idea, then save the others for your future posts or consider a series if you can.

For instance, here, my big idea is a brief list of essential factors to consider "before" (not while or after) you write. One trick to know is if it answers a particular question of your target audience. Then present it in a simple way that focuses on their concerns.

3. Who's your Ideal Reader?

You already know your goal and have "one idea" in mind, now let's come up with your target audience-your ideal reader. There's a saying that If you're casting your net awfully wide, you'll catch plenty of fish but will they be the right kind of fish? This principle applies in blogging, too.

In other words, you've got to be specific of who you want to attract. Have a clear picture in mind of your ideal reader knowing these facts: name, age, gender, interests, education and influence. Then write what they need and want to know about your subject matter. You can have an imaginary persona but personally, when I write, I think of a real person. Then, I treat my article as a semi-personal note to her.
Now, who's yours?

4. What Keywords they Search?

So what are keywords, anyway?
To define, keywords are the words or phrases that people use to find information in search engines. In SEO standpoint, this is helpful to increase your blog's search ranking, which can increase your traffic coming from search engines. You can research the relevant keywords in your subject matter by using free or paid keyword research tools. Use these in your headline and post's body but don't go overboard here. Instead keep this as reminder of what right words your target audience speaks every time you write a post. 

5. What Headline that Hooks their Attention?

At this point, you already know whom you're writing to, what she cares and what the right words she speaks. Now let's take our focus to the most important part of your post, the headline. Remember that if your headline fails to hook a browser's attention, the rest of the post will be ignored. So always give time on this part of your content. Instead of thinking what might work, you can use the proven headline formulas, as most copywriters recommend. For example, my post's headline "5 Essential Factors to Focus on Before You Write a Blog Post", i use the "[number] of [something] on [something] " structure. I use number, telling it's a list post. If you observe, most of my content are list because they're scannable and most people are often curious of what's in the list.

In addition, I practice to add an adjective, here is "essential" which signals that it's something important to miss. Lastly, "before you write a blog post", which is the subject matter or idea why I made the post.

How About You?

There you have it. This list may sound obvious to others but ignoring these essentials will result your post into. . .whatever.

Do you have one factor or two not mentioned above? Let us know in the comment.

Bookmark too for your future reference.

photo by: Nina Matthews Photography

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