photo from Alodia's Deviantart She is an artist, a TV host, a commercial model, and a blogger, too. Above all, she&...

The Alodia Gosiengfiao Guide to Building Engaging Social Media Community

photo from Alodia's Deviantart

She is an artist,

a TV host,

a commercial model,

and a blogger, too.

Above all, she's known as the "Cosplay Goddess of the Philippines".
Her name is even synonymous when you hear "cosplay" here in our country.

She is Alodia Gosiengfiao. One of the Philippines most influential women in this generation.

If you still don't know her, Alodia is a Filipino-Chinese, with Spanish descent, 20+ year old lady who popularize to portray our favorite anime and video game characters by wearing costume dress. In other words, "Cosplaying", short term for "costume playing".

Back in the days when Friendster was still a popular social networking site, I first heard about her from my younger brother, because he is an anime enthusiast. In that time, Alodia has just started a thriving fan base. Her name has earning buzz in forums and in cosplay events or conventions.

Today, Alodia's legion of followers grows bigger and more interactive especially in social media.

On Twitter, she has more than a hundred of thousand followers. And on her Facebook page, she has more than one million likes — the first cosplayer to cross the million mark.

Not only, Alodia is the most popular cosplayer in the Philippines (also in Asia), but she also dominated and won most cosplay competition she joined in.

Aside from being the best in her craft, there's a deeper reason for all of her success.

Alodia knows how to connect with people. You'll see that most of her fans know, like and trust her. Alodia knows how to enchant her audience.

In blogging standpoint, if you want to grow an engaging fan base in your blog or business, it's essential to enchant your audience, first.

So here, let's look at these indispensable tips that you can learn on how to build an engaging social media community from the Cosplay Goddess :

An Elven Fairy's Backyard by Alodia
photo from: Alodia's Deviantart

Enchant Them Creative Content

Since I've been following Alodia in social media sites, especially in Facebook, what first caught my attention is that every time she publish her status updates, she puts creative effort in every posts. She uses high quality images, entertaining videos and interesting snapshots of her character in online games. So the response rate of her fans are overwhelming. Hundreds or most of time, thousands of "likes" in just few seconds. Given that she's a public figure, but the result is higher than other celebrities. It's because most of her fans are anime or cosplay enthusiasts, and fellow cosplayers, too. They are strongly wired with same interest that triggers them to respond quickly. In addition that Alodia's posts are worth looking for. She personally writes her updates so she really can relate to them. That made her fans to love her more.


In social media, adding images and/or videos gives new dimension to your posts. If you do your research to know what your audience's (or potential audience) needs and wants, then you know what images or videos that grabs their attention. Curate or create your own and share to them through your blog and social media. For example, if you're going to share a post in Facebook, include an interesting image with your post's link below. It can also attract to get pinned in Pinterest. Try this and you'll gain significant increase in your audience's response rate. Just like how Alodia does.

Encourage and Give Them Reason to Connect with You

In addition, another thing is Alodia knows how to encourage and engage to her fans. She knows how to persuade them to take action about her latest activities or endorsements. Whether it's an invitation to play an online video game or to watch her sister, Ashley's live stream, she gives them valuable reason or quick background. That made her fans to be curious to click the link in her post.
But it doesn't end there. She's vocal to share her thoughts and report about her experience during the game or event and invite them for future happenings.


In copywriting standpoint, before you call a reader to take an action, make sure you give them a meaningful reason why should they care and what will they experience if they buy your product, service or idea. Paint a vivid picture in your reader's mind by describing the benefits of what you're selling. Given that Alodia is a public figure, the experience to play with her, even online, is really precious for her fans.
So, think of something "precious" for your audience. For example, write a series of text or video tutorial posts, a free ebook or a podcast that are relevant to their interest.
More importantly, continue to connect with them by using the power of social media. Invite them in your Facebook groups, enjoy a conversation through Twitter or try to Hangout in Google+ . Show up and enchant them.

Love and Master Your Craft

If you've been long time following Alodia, you can tell how she love cosplaying. In her Deviant art account, she cosplayed tons of different characters, from anime, movies and video games. Not to mention, she personally make and knows every details of her costumes. Moreover, she studied the characters she portray. Those are solid proof of how she mastered her craft. So it's no surprise why she won multiple awards in cosplay conventions, invited as guest or judge in events and raising the cosplay profile in higher level. She put her heart and mind to create beautiful art. It's the real reason how she build an engaging followers in the first place.


It's a universal rule. The more you do a particular thing, the more you get better result doing it. And it starts in your passion.
Are you passionate in what you blog? If you find yourself in three months not enjoying to what you write, reflect. Don't do it not only because you'll gain profit in it but because you're passionate in it. In blogging standpoint, they should be equally balance. But first, find what drives you. Then grow an engaging audience in the territory of your own. Just like how Alodia carve and dominated her own cosplay territory.

How About You?

Are you one of Alodia's fan, too? Can you see some other enchanting ways on how she connects? Let us know in the comments . . .

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